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Automatic Withdrawal & Deposit FAQs

What is my routing number?

The routing number for LGWFCU is 284084635.

What account number do I use when setting up an automatic withdrawal or deposit?

Please contact the LGWFCU Branch for assistance.

Can I set up an automatic withdrawal from my savings account?

Yes, you can have up to six preauthorized withdrawals per month from your savings account. Please contact any branch location for assistance.

How can I stop an automatic withdrawal from my account?

First, contact the company who is debiting your account. Another option is to place a stop payment although we can’t guarantee the debit will be stopped. Please contact us for more details.

How do I begin MLGW payroll deduction?

You can begin payroll deduction to your account by calling or visiting any branch location.

How can I change my MLGW payroll deduction?

You can make changes to your payroll deduction quickly and easily by calling or visiting the LGWFCU branch at 1616 Whitten Road.


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